Law of the devil chapter 1

Chapter 1 “Retard”

No one dared call him a retard when Du Wei Rowling was just born. In fact, he was even once considered a genius of the Rowling family.

Three years ago when Du Wei first crawled out the countess’s stomach and came into this world, the midwives in charge of receiving him got quite the scare.

The reason is because he never cried nor made a sound, so much so that the adults didn’t even need to coax him.

His life was normal, more normal than a regular adult: waking up at a consistent time, opening his mouth when the meals come, and going to bed at night. Aside from opening his mouth to eat, no sound ever came out of it. The only thing he did everyday was to stare out into open space like he was in a daze.

More importantly, he rarely ever wet his bed because he learned to pull the bell next to his crib. After a while, everytime he pulled the bell, the maids would hurry in to come help him. This act convinced the Rowling family that the little master is a genius at such a young age.

However, this title only lasted less than half a year… because he never talked.

Children his age would have learned to speak simple words such as “papa, mama”. But Du Wei’s mouth was shut tight like it was sealed with a curse. No matter how much the Countess tried to teach him to talk, not a single sound ever came out of it.

Even someone born a mute can still hum a few sounds, but this little master is as silent as a rock. When he’s cold, hungry, needs to use the toilet, he will only pull the bell.

The Earl’s wife hired many respectable doctors, and even a few magicians to see if he’s cursed, but it was to no avail. In the end, even the optimistic Earl’s wife became sad. It seems her son is indeed retarded.

Fortunately, Du Wei can at least walk at age three. Even though it’s half crawling, half walking, this is no different from other children.

During a stormy night a month ago, a major event happened in the Earl’s mansion.

Taking advantage of the maids divided attention, Du Wei crawled out of his room to the thundercourtyard and simply stood there looking up at the sky. Despite being drenched in the pouring rain, he wasn’t scared one bit by the booming thunder; instead, he clenched his two little fists and shouted at the sky

The little master that hadn’t made a sound in three years finally opened his mouth. Not stopping until the servants found him, he was already soaked wet from top to bottom. For his folly, his body was shivering uncontrollably from the cold which left his face completely pale.

By the time the Countess heard the news and came running, the lady of the house immediately fainted away by what she saw. Therefore, the poor servants not only had to carry the young master back into the manor, they also had to carry the now feinted Countess. Fortunately, it didn’t long for the Countess to come to. Holding her son, she continues to weep. The doctors fed him various medicines and even two light magicians were hired to use healing spells on him.

Despite their efforts, the little master’s body only got colder and colder. Out of desperation, his mother ran to the temple of the Goddess of Light and fetched a priest to cast a blessing spell on her son. Then using the rest of the night, the Countess kneeled before the Goddess of Light statue and prayed for her son.

It wasn’t until the next day when the boy’s body started to warm up. Though his little life was saved, the young master remained unconscious for another day. During the entire time, the Countess was always by his side. Barely eating anything for two days, her face had withered quite a lot as a result.

Then Du Wei said something on his sleep. It seems to be sleep talking. Nobody can understand what he meant, but since the little master never learned to talk, everyone only took it as nonsense a baby made during his sleep.

However, the Countess was delighted. After carefully listening to her son, she asked the maids, “Is there someone called Marde in your group that usually cares for the young master?”

After everyone exchanged questioning glances, one of the bolder servant stepped forward and answer: “Madam, there isn’t a servant by that name.”

Searching through the whole mansion, the servants finally found a person by that name in the stable. When the Countess learned of this, she immediately summoned him.

“My son kept calling your name even in his sleep. Marde, I don’t know why he kept calling your name, but it might just be a blessing from the Goddess of Light. From this day on, you no longer have to work in the stable. You will serve the little master by his side.”

Marde was delighted. From a lowly stable hand, he was suddenly promoted to a personal servant of the young master. As such, he can see his future lighting up with hope.

Du Wei didn’t know all this though. He originally ran outside to yell at the gods out of frustration that day. Then because of his carelessness, he got soaked in the rain and nearly lost his life. Because of his little stunt of yelling the cursing word “FUCK” in his sleep, someone else was able to greatly benefit from it.

Du Wei’s injury lasted a whole month. The little fragile body of his became even weaker and It wasn’t until a month later did his face show some color again. However, his days quickly returned to what it was before. Not speaking a word, Du Wei didn’t pay any attention to his new attendant Marde even once. Continuing his daze like stares out into empty space, the only difference is his focus whenever a maid talked about how the Countess kneeled before the Goddess of Light statue all night and held him until he woke.

From then on, Du Wei would show a hint of warmth in his emotions whenever the Countess came to visit him.


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